Walks and hikes within 8 km around St-Lary

In this breathtaking and pollution-free scenery, all the beauty of nature has been preserved.
This wooded region which abounds in waterfalls, torrents, lakes, fauna and flora is on the edge of the Ordesa National Park and the Néouvielle Natural Reserve.

Vignec / Cadeilhan-Trachère

This section begins from Fabian route. After the bridge over the Neste river, take the junction of Cadeilhan-Trachère route (2,4 km) from Saint-Lary. Cross the two villages, then take the wide track down to Vignec.

Vignec to Saint-Lary (0,7 km).
Time : 45 minutes
Distance: 2.5km
Difficulty : Very easy

Saint-Lary / Cadeilhan-Trachère / Tramezaygues

This section begins from Fabian route. After the bridge over the Neste river, take the junction of Cadeilhan-Trachère route (2,4 km) from Saint-Lary. In Trachère, take the track on the left. Meadows and groves.
The track leads to a bridge over the Neste river onto the junction of Tramezaygues. Then back to Saint-Lary by CD 929 on a 3,5 km walk.

Time: 2H30-3h from Saint-Lary

Saint-Lary / Cadeilhan-Trachère / Pla-d'Adet

Between Trachère and Cadeilhan, walk up the tree-lined track on the left to the last barns and the ski resort chalets. The altitude is 1500 m. You can go back to Saint-Lary by cable car.

Vignec / Vielle-Aure / Agos

From Saint-Lary, follow Vielle-Aure route. At Sainte-Marie church (Chi Rho and Roman sculptures), take left to Vignec (1,1 km from Saint-Lary). Walk through the village. A small route cuts across Vielle-Aure (1 km). You can also continue towards the Pla-d’Adet, for a few hundreds of meters, and take the old route down to Vielle-Aure (church with a Roman apse). From Vielle-Aure, you can walk back to Saint-Lary by the route, after the bridge (1,6 km). From Saint-Lary, it’s about 3,7 km. You can also extend your walk by taking the Arreau route at Vielle Aure square until you get to Agos (2 km, 11th century Roman chapel).

Time: 2h
Difficulty: Easy

Vignec / Azet

From Saint-Lary, take CD 225. Turn left towards Sailhan (1,9 km), Azet (6km).You can rejoin this route on foot by rue de Coudères, just after the town hall or by taking the WF.

In Sailhan, you will find a signpost: Ens 2,9 km. Walk through a picturesque route with meadows and beech groves before you get to the Roman chapel and its beautiful iron door.
Take the track in front of the chapel. Cross the meadows and reach the Arsoues barns where you can get to Azet by a track suitable for vehicles (from Ens to Azet, about 1h; From Azet to Saint-Lary, 6km. From Saint-Lary through Sailhan, Ens and Azet, a total of 14 to 15 km). In Azet, you can treat yourself to the local specialties of the inn.

Time : 3h
Distance : 15km
Difficulty : Easy

Vignec / Soulan / Granges de Grascouéou

Take the Soulan route for 5 km, car park possible. It’s a 1h30 hike to the Grascouéou barns. For 20 minutes more, you can reach the Serre and admire a splendid view of the valley.

Time : 6h
Difficulty : Moderate

Vignec / Granges de Lias

Walk from Saint-Lary to Vignec (0,7km). Enter the village , after the church, on the left, a pastoral route winds up for about 5 km to the Lias barns. From these barns, you can get back to the Pla d’Adet route which is under la Cabane. The track is steep with an inclination of 850 metres.

Time : 2h00
Distance : 7km
Difficulty : Easy

Saint-Lary / Sailhan / Bourisp

In Sailhan, take the Bourisp route (1 km). You will admire the 15th century Roman steeple church and its 16th century frescoes. Walk back to Saint-Lary by CD 929 (1,7 km). From Saint-Lary, it’s a 5,5 km walk.

Sailhan / Estensan / Camparan / Bourisp

From Sailhan, walk along until you reach Estansan (1,6km), then take the horizontal route towards Camparan (about 1,5 km). From Camparan, walk down to Bourisp (2 km), rejoin Saint-Lary by CD 929 (1,7 km). From Saint-Lary, it’s about a 9 km walk.

Saint-Lary- Sailhan / Ens / Azet / Lac d’Arsoues

Reach Azet by the road (6 km), take Eastern exit by chemin de chars. At the fork, take left towards the Ourtrigue barns. At the bottom of the valley, there is a marked track which goes up to Sarrouyes lake.
2h30 – inclination of 700 metres

Col d’Azet (1573 m)

Reach Azet by the road (6 km), take Eastern exit. Then, at Arsoues fork, walk towards Ourtrigue. Follow the cattle-way on the left that goes up to the Azet or Pierrefite pass (1578 m). This itinerary is part of the GR 10 (the long hiking trail) Saint-Lary Loudenvielle from where you can walk down by the Val Louron route.

Saint-Lary / Caneilles / Tramezaygues

Begin at Saint-Lary town hall. At the end of rue de Coudères, a wide track cuts CD 225 (Saint-Lary – Azet). Cross the CD and walk along until Caneilles.
Take the left track that slopes gently down to rejoin Sailhan village.
A route allows you to rejoin CD 929,which will lead you to the downstream of Tramezaygues// Take the route to rejoin CD 929 and the downstream of Tramezaygues . From Saint-Lary to Tramezaygues, it’s about a 1h30 walk. Hike back by CD 929.

Saint-Lary- Cadeilhan - Granges deLias- Vignec - Cadeilhan

From EDF power station, take the left track that goes up through the fields. You will go through a gateway above a line that powers the station. Once in Cadeilhan, take the steep but shady stone track that goes past many barns. After walking past the small valley on the right, the track crosses a river and turns right.
At the flat area, the track goes to the right of a barn, take the footpath on the right. It leads to a well-marked track that you will take to get to the Hameau of the Lias barns.

Continue and walk down the winding track until you reach a fork. 

Then take the stone footpath on the left of the track that is going down. 

 The footpath rejoins the track, follow it for about 100 m before taking a new footpath on the left that cuts the track a little further down and that will get you to Vignec.

3h to 4h30 – inclination of 650 m 

Let’s take some height

Rioumajou Hospice

In a magnificent forest landscape, still near the torrent, this pleasant and easy hike will lead you to vast prairies.

Time : 3h15
Difficulty : Easy

Moudang barn

In the Moudang valley, this easy hike will take you to discover high altitude barns.

Time : 3h45
Difficulty: Easy

Néouvielle lakes

A majestic high-altitude landscape.

Time : 3h45
Difficulty : Moderate

Barroude lakes

This long hike is a great way to discover the limestone wall and the Barroude lakes.

Time : 7h30
Difficulty : Hard

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